Multiblock regression by PO/SO-PLS

PO-PLS and SO-PLS are a collection of methods for multiblock regression (data fusion) developed at Nofima. This toolbox contains MATLAB functions for model fitting, cross-validation, prediction and plotting of results. An example script and a data set are also included for illustration, along with a short description and documentation of the main functions. All functions are based on the saisir data structure. For a detailed description of PO- and SO-PLS,see e.g:

Næs, T., Tomic, O., Afseth, N.K., Segtnan, V.H., Måge, I. 2013. Multi-block regression based on combinations of orthogonalisation, PLS-regression and canonical correlation analysis. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, Vol 124, pp 32-42.

Follow this link to download the toolbox.