Multiblock classification

MATLAB toolbox for classification by SO-PLS-LDA, MB-PLS-LDA and PLS-LDA


SO-PLS-LDA is a classification method based on the combination of the multi-block SO-PLS regression method and LDA. This toolbox contains MATLAB functions that allow choosing the optimal complexity on the basis of the Måge plot, fitting the SO-PLS-LDA models using different type of cross-validation and then making classification by LDA. The output is a structure that will contain not only the SO-PLS-LDA model, but also the MB-PLS-LDA model built on the same blocks and the PLS-LDA models on the single blocks. For applications and a description of the methods involved see:

Biancolillo,I. Måge,T. Næs, Combining SO-PLS and linear discriminant analysis for multi-block classification. (paper submitted to Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems)

The toolbox (zip-file) can be downloaded here

  • PLS: Partial Least Squares
  • SO-PLS: Sequential Orthogonal-PLS
  • PO-PLS: Parallell Orthogonal-PLS
  • LDA: Linear Discriminant Analysis
  • MB: Multiblock