OPTIMAT kick-off

The OPTIMAT project was kicked off at Nortura Hærland the 11th of May. OPTIMAT is a three-year innovation project financed by the Norwegian food companies Nortura, TINE, HOFF and Orkla Foods and the Norwegian Levy on Agricultural Products. The full project title is «Optimal food production base don Big Data». The main goal is to improve quality and reduce waste in selected production processes in the food companies. All the companies collect and store large amounts of data through the production process, but currently these data are not exploited fully. OPTIMAT will use Big Data Analytics to identify important relationships between raw material quality, processing and end-product quality. The main activities are:

  1. Map the variation and quality of existing data.
  2. Identify key parameters and measuring points.
  3. Develop statistical/mathematical models that quantify the relationship between raw materials, processing and end-product quality.
  4. Develop systems for real time process control
  5. Encourage new innovations through sharing competence and experiences between project partners


In additon to the four food Companies and Nofima, Tel-Tek (soon to be SINTEF) and SINTEFDigital are also partners in the project.