Mini-workshop on TDS and TCATA with John Castura

Just before Easter, John Castura from Compusense Inc. (Ontario, Canada) visited Nofima just for a mini-workshop on comparison of TDS (temporal dominance of sensations) and TCATA (temporal check-all-that-apply) . These are two methods for studying the dymanics of the sensory perception during consumption. The methods differ in how samples are evaluated. While in TDS assessors should only select the dominant attribute at each time point, in TCATA they can select all the attributes they find relevant for describing the sample concurrently.

The participants in the workshop were in addition to John, Paula Varela, Tormod Næs, Mats Carlehög. Margrethe Hersleth and Ingunn Berget (all from Nofima). Paula first presented results from a qualitatiative study of understanding the concept of dominance. Next we discussed results with both methods on bread samples, and which data analytical tools to use to extract more information about similarities and differences between the methods. An abstract has been sent to Eurosense

Jcastura visit group 1


TCATA trajectories