SSC14- Sardinia

The 14’th Scandinavian Symposium in Chemometrics (SSC14) were held in Chia in Sardinia June 14-17. Some may think this was outside Scandinavia, and although the island has a nice coast and a fantastic nature, they are right. The advantageous of having a conference in Sardinia is, however, nice temparatures, nice beaches, nice temperatures for swimming and last, but at not least nice food and drinks. There were approximately 140 participants.

Participants from Nofima and NMBU were

Kristian Hovde Liland: “Comparing different measurement technologies by considering low-dimensional projections of associated sample data matrices”

Ingunn Berget: «Critical comparison of distance based methods, PCA and multiblock analyses of Polarized Sensory Positioning data” (flash presentation)

Ulf Indahl (NMBU): “Explaining the secrets behind O-PLS and Target Projections to non-experts by elementary linear algebra.”

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