Paper: Conjoint analysis for exploratory study of consumer preferences

The paper “Consumer preferences for iced coffee determined by conjoint
analysis: an exploratory study with Norwegian consumers” written by Daniele Asioli, Tormod Næs, Britt Signe Granli and Valérie Lengard Almli was recently accepted in International Journal of Food Science and Technology


The main aim of this study was to investigate consumer preferences for extrinsic attributes of iced coffee, explore consumers’ coffee consumption habits, find new market opportunities and segment consumers based on similar products preferences. A sample of 101 consumers of iced coffee was recruited during 2012 in Norway. Twelve iced coffee products combining different levels of attributes such as coffee type, origin, calories and price were presented on screen and rated according to consumers’ willingness to buy (WTB). Mixed model ANOVA, principal component analysis (PCA) and partial least squares discriminant analysis (PLS-DA) were applied to analyse data. Results show that the most preferred products for the consumer sample as a whole were low-price low-calorie products, while age has a significant effect on WTB for different iced coffee products. Four different consumer segments based on type of iced coffee and country of production preferences were identified and discussed.


Conjoint analysis, consumers preference, iced coffee, Norway, rating, segmentation, willingness to buy.