Arctic Analysis

The workshop/conference Artic Analysis was recently held in Ilulissat, Greenland. Approximately 25 chemometricians/statitisticansfrom Norway (Nofima), Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy met in beautiful surroundings. The topics for sessions of the conference where

– Modelling strategies

– Big Data

– Dirty Data

– Data fusion/multiblock

– “Secret” session (philosophical)

– Discussion session with selected topics from the above sessions.

This was a small conference with invited people, with a format that facilitatet good discussions. Adding a nice hotel with good food ( and spectacular view of icebergs, made this and unforgettable event.

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From top left: All participants, from dog sledge ride, the town of Illulisat,

From bottom left: icebergs  in sunset, the hotel, more icebergs (view from hotel)